Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Love Quest: Looking For Love in Cyberspace

A look at cyber dating from the viewpoint of a Thirty-something, African American, Christian Female.

This book introduces a world outside the parameters of day-to-day life that exists unbeknownst to most. It has its own language, rules and atmosphere. It offers a freedom that can be addictive, exhilarating or dangerous for the uninitiated.

This book is not an attempt to justify or endorse cyber dating, however it may be used as a reference. In the author's humorous style it:

  • Introduces Internet lingo

  • Points out common and not so common pitfalls

  • Reviews several sites

  • Provides a comprehensive list of dating sites

  • Offers bonus introductory chapters of Age is Just a Number: Adventures in Online Dating - Volume I; as well as

  • A resource section for victims of abuse, rape or incest and sufferers of bipolar disorder. (They too inhabit the cyberworld).

Read an excerpt.

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